Curtain Tracking

Curtain Tracking

Quality Curtain tracking systems are made from aluminium and come in a large variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit both residential and commercial applications. We do custom made single and double tracking systems to allow for different combinations of curtains, sheers &/or Blockout.

We can mount curtain tracks to Walls or Ceilings.

Tracking systems allow the curtains to be hung with a cleaner, more minimalist look along the top of the curtain. This is because the glides or carriers are mostly hidden behind the curtain heading and are generally less noticeable than curtain rings.

Many customers find the internal tracking system to be smoother to operate than using rings, or an eyelet or tab top heading

Curtain tracks allow for a wider variety of curtain heading styles to be used. Most glides or carrier systems are suited to either pleated or S-fold heading styles.

Curtain tracks can be easily bent to shape using a professional bending machine making them ideal for situations where curves or bends in the tracks are required, such as bay window & curve windows installations.

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